The READ Clinic provides group programs for our adult clients, including:


CIRCLE OF SECURITY PARENTING PROGRAM:  The aim of Circle of Security is to make parenting an easier and enjoyable journey.  It assists parents to more easily recognise and respond to the needs of their children.  The program will help parents and carers form a closer relationship with their child. 



To register your interest in attending one of our group programs CLICK HERE or call 4363 6600 and speak to one of our receptionist who will be happy to assist you.




READ Clinic currently provides a range of group programs for our child and adolescent clients, including:


ROCK & WATER: The Rock & Water Program brings together the three worlds of Psychology, Karate and Tai Chi. The program is very physically orientated and enhances young people’s ability to stand strong both physically and mentally. It presents extremely unique therapeutic lessons that build a child’s inner strength using fun, competitive and action oriented lessons and activities. The focus is on developing new skills and coping strategies.


KOOL KIDS:  The ‘Cool Kids’ program is a well researched, skills based program that teaches children and their parents practical techniques to overcome anxiety. It was developed at Macquarie University in the 1990’s and has undergone revision in line with current evidence based practice in anxiety treatment.  It involves learning about anxiety and how it makes us think, thinking ‘realistically’, facing our worries and problem solving our way through worrying situations including developing assertiveness skills and how to deal with teasing.  


FRIENDS FOR LIFE:  The “Friends for Life” Program created to assist children build resilience & self -esteem by teaching important skills to cope with feelings of Fear, Worry and Depression.


To register your interest in your child attending one of our group programs CLICK HERE  or call           4363 6600 and speak to one of our receptionist who will be happy to assist you.