Dr. John Irvine

B.A., PhD, M.A.C.E., MAPS

Client Group

2- 10 years


Co-parenting programs
Behaviour management in Children & Families

Dr. John is a Paediatric Psychologist who created READ Clinic with his brother Neuropsychologist Warwick Irvine in 1981.

Prior to 1984 Dr John was a lecturer in Special Education and Child Development and Behaviour Management at the Armidale Teachers College the University of New England. He moved to Toowoomba to head up the Early Childhood Education training program at the University of Southern Queensland where he completed his Ph.D. on Children’s play in 1980.

Dr John has over 40 years of experience working with children families and parents. His current professional passion is to promote Emotional Literacy. In conjunction with Educational Experience and Clubs NSW, he is campaigning to get the Worry Woo’s “emotional intelligence” program into every pre-school, child care centre and Infant (Stage 1) school class room in Australia.

Dr. John’s area of interest include:

  • Co-parenting programs
  • ADHD
  • Beharioural Management
  • Grief

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