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Articles by our Psychologists

We are very luck at the READ clinic that many of our accomplished psychologist’s are also published authors.  Have a look at the papers and articles included in this section to see if any take our fancy:

Safety Measures at The READ Clinic
Apr 14th - The READ Clinic

SAFETY MEASURES To all of our READ Clinic clients. As you know, both your physical and psychological health remains important... Read More

Instructions on how to join your Psychologist for a video-conference session using Coviu
Apr 06th - The READ Clinic

Click on  the  link  that has been emailed to you  just  before  your  appointment  (or  copy  and  paste  the... Read More

Q&A with Eating Disorder Psychologist Ashlea Hambleton
Feb 28th - The READ Clinic

If you are living with an eating disorder, you are not alone. The most common types of eating disorders are... Read More

When Good Enough Outclasses Perfect Parenting
May 22nd - Andrew Sozomenou

Below is a fantastic article written by Andrew Sozomeou, which was also featured in the local magazine Kids on... Read More

Ten things your childfree friends want you to know
May 07th - Heather Irvine-Rundle

Ever felt a little frustrated with the new mothers amongst your friends or colleagues? Heather Irvine likes to tell... Read More

Rewards & Consequences
May 01st - Andrew Sozomenou

  Parents will often come to counselling and say that “consequences just don’t work”, that their child “doesn’t care” when... Read More

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