Ashlea Hambleton

Registered Psychologist & Clinical Registrar
B.Psych(Hons1), MPsych(Clin) Assoc. MAPS.

Client Group

12+ years


Eating Disorders (any age for eating disorders, food or body image concerns);
Adolescent Issues;

Ashlea is a Registered Psychologist and a Clinical Registrar who commenced working at READ Clinic in 2017

Ashlea graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons1) in 2015.  Ashlea completed her Master of Clinical Psychology in 2017, and commenced her Clinical Psychology Registrar Program in 2018, which she is due to complete in April 2020.  Ashlea is about to commence her PhD with the University of Sydney, investigating the effectiveness of a treatment for adolescent eating disorders.

Ashlea believes that the therapeutic relationship is key to success in treatment.  Therapy can be a daunting prospect for many, but Ashlea’s goal is to always support her clients to feel comfortable, and most importantly – listened to.  Her therapy style is person-centred, creative, compassionate, and authentic.

Ashlea is trained in various treatment approaches; including, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Enhanced, Maudsley Family Based Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.  Ashlea will work closely with you to decide what treatment approach will work best to achieve your therapy goals.

When not at The READ Clinic, Ashlea works at The University of Sydney with the InsideOut Institute, a research group with the goal to improve the lives of people with eating disorders and those who care for them.  Ashlea has also completed several research projects with the University of Newcastle; including exploring child and family anxiety; and, in another project the lived experience of self-harm.  She has published papers in International Journals on eating disorders, group therapy and self-harm.

Ashlea is an Associate Member of the Australian Psychology Society.  Ashlea is also a member of the Australian and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders.

Ashlea’s areas of interest include:

  • Eating disorders, body-image and self-esteem
  • Anxiety – social, generalised, separation, and specific phobias
  • Depression
  • Self-harm
  • Trauma – EMDR
  • Adjustment difficulties
  • Bullying
  • Stress and study

Ashlea works: Tuesdays 3:30pm – 6:00pm, Thursdays 2:10pm – 7:30pm, Fridays 9:00am – 3:30pm and alternate Saturdays 8:00am – 3:10pm

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