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To our valued clients and community, the READ Clinic prides itself on meeting the needs of individuals and families in a timely and supportive manner. There is currently an unprecedented demand on psychological services in many areas across the country, including the Central Coast.

This has resulted in our psychologists having a larger volume of clients and therefore needing to delicately balance taking on new clients whilst also taking care of current clients.

Please don’t hesitate to talk to your clinician or our helpful administrative team about any concerns you have in ensuring you receive the appropriate care during this time.


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The READ Clinic is not a bulk billing practice.


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What is the Clinic’s Cancellation Policy?

The clinic requires that clients have a $150 deposit in place before any appointments are booked. This deposit secures each scheduled appointment.  We understand that it may, at times, be necessary to change or cancel an appointment. It is the policy of the clinic that at least 24 business hours notice is given (Please note that as of July 1, 2019, the time frame will be increased to 48 business hours notice being required). If sufficient notice is not given, the deposit will be used to pay the $150 Administration Fee to cover the missed appointment. If a deposit is used to pay the Administration Fee, the client is required to pay a new deposit within 48 hours to secure their remaining scheduled appointments.

Why Have a Cancellation Policy?

Here at the Read Clinic, like many Specialist practices, we have a cancellation policy for many reasons, including:

  • You will get the best results from your investment in therapy by attending sessions as planned with your Psychologist. We understand that prioritizing your own wellbeing can be tricky when life is so busy. We hope the cancellation policy will assist you to prioritise your sessions therefore getting the most out of your therapy.
  • We constantly have a high demand and long waiting lists for sessions here at the Read Clinic. Our cancellation policy helps ensure we provide high quality support to as many clients as possible each week.
  • There are many benefits in attending a private practice. There are also many costs involved in operating a private practice. In order to ensure the longevity of our Clinic and our ability to continue providing quality support to the community it is vital that we minimize the number of “unused” sessions as much as possible. For example, administration resources are used for file preparation, confirming appointments (all clients get texts and calls), room rental, session preparation for the psychologist and other tasks. This is similar to booking a seat for a plane, considerable resources are used to ensure the seat is available and if a customer doesn’t use their seat, they are still charged the full fare. This is similar to private practice rooms and when a client does not attend, resources have been used despite the client not attending

If you have any questions about our Read Clinic policies please don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly administration staff.  Please remember, we really don’t want you to have to pay the Administration Fee, we would much rather you come along to your appointment and benefit from our assistance and support.


Ask your GP

Better Access to Mental Health (BAMH)

Better Access to Mental Health Plans enables clients to access psychological services and gain a rebate from Medicare. A patient must be referred by a GP, a Psychiatrist or a Paediatrician. This involves an individual assessment of a patient and the preparation of a GP Mental Health Care Plan submitted to Medicare by your GP.

Better Outcomes of Mental Health (BOMH/ATAPS – Access to Allied Psychological Services)

Better Outcomes in Mental Health (BOMH) is managed by Central Coast Primary Care.

GPs undergo training to be registered for this scheme. Psychologists must also apply to become involved with this scheme and patients are referred to participating psychologists by their GP. A BOMH Care Plan will enable clients to access psychological services for 6 sessions at no cost to themselves. The costs for attending 6 sessions under a BOMH plan are subsidised by the NSW Government.  This program is targeted to individuals with financial disadvantage.

NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme

A select number of Psychologist at the clinic are able to provide psychological counselling and services to clients who have a NDIS plan.   For more information contact our Business Manager Michelle Jones

WorkCover – GP Referral

Our qualified psychologists have been approved under the NSW WorkCover scheme to see clients under this referral source. Your treating GP may refer you for psychological assistance in the event you have sustained an injury at work. Our Psychologists will help you address the psychological and emotional impact of your injury.  More Information (below)

What is treatment under WorkCover?

Our WorkCover approved psychologists provide treatment to injured workers under the NSW Workers Compensation Act with a focus on achieving a safe return to work wherever possible.

How do I access therapy under WorkCover?

To be able to access counselling through this referral pathway, you will need to have a WorkCover Certificate signed by your treating GP and a referral letter from the same GP outlining the issues.

Privately – no rebate

It is not essential that you have a GP referral to come to the READ Clinic. Clients may call and book an appointment at any time and come to the clinic privately.  Please feel free to call us on (02) 4363 6600 to discuss your attendance options with one of our friendly receptionists.


Privately – via Private Health Insurance

You would need to contact your health care provider directly to discuss your current health cover to find out if it includes “psychology”.  It is our experience that some private health agencies will ask you to exhaust a GP Mental Health Care Plan (provided by your GP) prior to claiming from them.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Some organisations provide their staff and in some instances their family access to a READ Clinic Psychologist with a set number of counselling sessions through their own organisations Employee Assistance Program.  Contact your HR department or speak to your manager if your organisation has a EAP service.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a specific support strategy utilised by many organisations. Some of the reasons the EAP has been so effective is that the comprehensive support package is offered to all employees of an organisation, including the spouse and/or immediate family of the employee. The free, confidential and professional counselling service provided ensures both personal and work-related problems can be worked through with minimal impact upon the organisation.

The most common problems are:

  • Marital / family
  • Work related issues
  • Health
  • Educational / vocational
  • Emotional
  • Alcohol / drugs
  • Financial

If you are an organisation that would like to utilise our services please contact our Practice Manager