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Articles by our Psychologists

We are very luck at the READ clinic that many of our accomplished psychologist’s are also published authors.  Have a look at the papers and articles included in this section to see if any take our fancy:

When Good Enough Outclasses Perfect Parenting
May 22nd - Andrew Sozomenou

Below is a fantastic article written by Andrew Sozomeou, which was also featured in the local magazine Kids on... Read More

Ten things your childfree friends want you to know
May 07th - Heather Irvine-Rundle

Ever felt a little frustrated with the new mothers amongst your friends or colleagues? Heather Irvine likes to tell... Read More

Rewards & Consequences
May 01st - Andrew Sozomenou

  Parents will often come to counselling and say that “consequences just don’t work”, that their child “doesn’t care” when... Read More

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